Card based SERPs, the new look of Google?

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Posted: 16/02/2017


It’s no secret that Google are often testing out new layouts for search results/ad formats, but their latest test appears to be the most radical yet, using a card style system to display each result.

Below left is an image of the current search engine results page (SERP) for ‘frugi dress’ and on the right, Google’s latest iteration of the SERPs for the same search.  You can see that the tested look has a very clean aesthetic, making it easier to identify each search result by individualising them in a self-contained box.

However, the borders are not the only feature to change, with Google’s shopping results now being presented at the top of the page.

Orig SearchNew SERP FINAL


These aren’t the only features of the efficient looking test layout, some argue that this new design appears to be closing the gap between paid and organic search results, with even fewer distinguishing features apart from the small green ad label.



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