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Company and Organic Performance

Terrys Fabrics retail in a range of homewares from The site has grown rapidly to be one of the leading online homewares retailers in the UK, supported by 2 brick and mortar stores in Stoke and Stockport. The company invests heavily in all digital channels and run sophisticated campaigns.

Over the past 5 years, has been through the cycle of boom and bust. The site has been in positions of dominance across all generic keywords and has also been barely visible after suffering both manual and algorithmic penalties. In 2013, Terrys Fabrics invested in a “whiter than white” content marketing approach to organic search. This sophisticated approach has earned the site over 1000 new linking domains, increasing the domain authority significantly.

The Problem: 

Through the content marketing approach, the company was finding it difficult grabbing the attention of the big “top tier” news sites. This was the big “missing link” in the Terrys Fabrics link profile when compared to leading competitors, who tended to be larger brands (receiving regular media coverage).

Our Solution

The PR strategy involved several key elements:

– User Generated Content Campaign (“naughty pets” competition) for images

– 1500 Response Survey

– Infographic of Survey Results

– Press Release + Outreach

The strategy involved piggy backing on the “pet shaming” trend online by acquiring fantastic imagery of household destruction caused by pets through a UGC campaign aimed at pet owners.  Curtains / Blinds were some of the most commonly destroyed household items.

Naughty Pets Win Prizes






The imagery supported the survey results which was designed to create a “cats vs dogs” headline, coinciding with the “Cats vs Dogs: Which is Best?” series running on the BBC.

Some fantastic individual stories emerged from the UGC campaign which we incorporated into the press releases.  For example, pets who had destroyed some fine art worth thousands of pounds and a dog who managed to tear up the puppy training manual.

Terrys Naughty Pets

Cats V Dogs Infographic

The Results & Coverage

– 233 Entries

– 6500+ Votes

– 3000+ Facebook likes

– 20,000+ page views

– 20+ new linking domains

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