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Posted: 15/08/2017

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John Patterson is the latest recruit at Evolved Digital.In this episode of ‘Meet the Team’ John takes us through writing for clients by day and chasing bands by night.

Hi John, tell me about yourself
I’ve been here at Evolved Digital for just over a month now. Previous to this I have held down various content jobs, mainly writing for startups and smaller companies. Most recently I managed the content for a large UK drone supplier.

I hear you are also a keen writer outside of the work space?
I have a passion for pop culture; music, television and film so I do a lot of writing on the side around those topics. Currently, I take on gig reviews for a company called Gigs North East which gets me free tickets to gigs in exchange for content so it’s a pretty good trade off. This led on from my writing for I4 Entertainment where I got to interview some great local bands back in the day before they became quite successful so it’s been good to see their development.

What’s the craziest band experience you’ve had?
Either accidentally insulting the Maccabees while they were DJing in Manchester or, in terms of crazy performances, I was recently at Kendal Calling and saw a band called Galactic Funk Militia. There were about 10 of them on stage playing what sounded like a mashup of Goldie Lookin’ Chain and Motown soul classics – it was a fantastic atmosphere.

How does that compare to your work at Evolved?
With client-focused work there’s an obligation to create content that provides results, so the ideation is based around what we know will be perceived well. Previously I was based in-house with singular brands so my work was always one track. Day to day the work here is more interesting and you have to be more creative in what you do to meet the client’s needs. For example, at the moment I’m doing a piece on hen party and bridal shower games for a hotel in the Lake District which followed straight on from work for a finance client where I wrote about the UK’s most successful property tycoons. It’s great having the opportunity to learn about a variety of different topics while creating engaging content.

What’s daily life like at Evolved?
It’s nice and laid back compared to what I have been used to previously. Everybody is really supportive and happy to answer questions. There’s a great flow to the working week, with one of the highlights being the team brainstorms we have on Tuesdays. You have enough time to do quality work here rather than quickly rushing it out the door.

Are there industries which are challenging?
I’m currently managing content for a client in the vaping industry. This is a tough market as you can’t really promote the products themselves or the act of using them. On the plus side it’s a great way to push your creative thinking to the next level. We recently pitched a few ideas which included a look at vaping conventions around the world as well as a couple of pop culture and film tie-ins which always draw plenty of interest.

What’s the biggest lesson you learnt from your work experience?
Don’t take things personally. I think when you first enter employment, especially as a creative, you might be a bit precious about your ideas but the fact is that they might not necessarily be the best for the product or client. It’s a collaborative process of feedback and improvement.

If you could give your younger self advice what would it be?
If you aren’t happy and engaged with what you are doing, there’s not a lot of point in doing it. We all need to pay bills but why wouldn’t you try to do it whilst working on something you enjoy?

What’s your kryptonite?
Pop culture. I get totally obsessed with shows and movies to the point where I’ll actively research fan theories and rumours as part of the viewing experience… shows like Game of Thrones tend to take over my life.

What motivates you in life?
In work it’s about putting something out there which I’m proud of. In life it’s doing things that interest me. I don’t like to stagnate. That’s why I play guitar, write articles about pop culture and go to see as many films and gigs as I can in my spare time. The more amazing experiences I can cram into a year the happier I am.

Happiness is . . .
Doing the things you love.


Thanks John. Here’s to doing what we love!

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