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Posted: 08/08/2017

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In our first edition of ‘Meet the Team’ we introduce Lee Coates. Lee is a 26-year-old SEO Content Executive at Evolved Digital. After a tremendous 3 and a half months embedding himself into the Evolved Workforce, we pick his brains on his experience so far, beard oil and how to be happy. 

Hey Lee, tell us more about what your job at Evolved Digital entails.
Basically, at Evolved we look to improve client’s visibility through search and aside from the technical aspects, a huge portion involves creating engaging content to drive engagement and create lots of juicy links for the client’s website.
The bulk of what I do daily is centred around making plans for infographics. In a nutshell, I look at the client’s needs and opportunities in the industry, I research the content itself and then work with the design team to bring my content piece to life.
Brainstorming is carried out with the entire team for each new campaign, after that it’s mainly a solo job where I dedicate my time to my 5 or 6 clients, proactively looking at their activity and adding value where I can.

How much of this is based on creativity?
Creativity is important because we must think of unique ideas constantly but we also need a sense of business acumen to understand the client’s business. One of my clients sells radiator valves so a good way to create engagement might be to centre their product around a trending topic; for example we could write a piece on ‘How to heat Winterfell’ which we can then outreach to different mediums such as TV bloggers who would not have come across the brand otherwise. It’s related to the product but we made it fantastical.

How would you describe work life at Evolved?
From my first impression, I love the variation of work. There’s always a variety of clients – now I’m working on one piece finance related and another from the medical industry. They are both completely different. There is also always something happening in the office.
The cool thing about Evolved is its really relaxed and there’s a friendly atmosphere. It’s totally different to what I’m used to. Everyone takes ownership for their own work and we get the job done without the usual 9-5 style of working.
My favourite part of the day is the morning when I have loads of energy. I’ll schedule all my creative thinking early on and then around 4 or 5 I’ll do my less labour-intensive work.

What would make your job or day to day life better?
Soon we are going to be producing ideas for more interactive stuff. With infographics, there’s a certain limitation to what we can do, so having some cool projects will allow more creativity for us too. The idea of having more scope to work with is exciting. Think of Game of Thrones. The writer was offered to make it into a movie rather than a series but he said the budget was too small; it wouldn’t have been what he visualised. With more opportunity, you can create a vision.

Who’s your favourite GOT character?
Jon Snow. He’s my man crush. He has beautiful hair. You always want what you can’t get ha! And he’s shrouded in mystery. He might not be a Stark after all. He might be a Targaryen.

What else do you do?
About 9 months ago, I started ‘The Big Beard Company’. We make oils and waxes and I’ve started producing different scents too (Woodland scent is the latest). When I started out, I bought some ingredients from Amazon and just started experimenting and it went from there and now I get it produced in a factory, so it’s not just me creating a crazy concoction at home. I’m also putting together a website. It’s something that takes me out of my comfort zone but it’s something I’ve always wanted to do in my spare time.

What’s been the biggest lesson you learnt from the work field?
If you have a problem, deal with it straight away and don’t let it linger. Like building a house, if you don’t get the fundamentals sorted, something will come along and issues will top up. Get it done.

What’s your best piece of life advice?
Don’t take things so seriously, in 50 years this life will be over so don’t fret over the small stuff. In the grand scheme, the trivial things don’t matter. Don’t get embarrassed or sweat about it.

What motivates you?
Just living every day. Life’s short. Don’t be sad, just be happy in everything you do.

What’s your biggest vice?
Gaming. I go home after work with the motive to do something productive and end up playing Battlefield One until 3am.


Thanks Lee and Happy Gaming!

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