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COMPANY BACKGROUND are a rapidly growing vehicle leasing broker based in Reading. The company started trading in 2004, delivering 115 vehicles in the first year of business. This year, the company is on track to deliver over 5000. Select Car Leasing engaged with Evolved Digital in July 2015.

Select Car Leasing Team


Prior to Evolved starting work with the domain, the company’s site had generated a steady flow of traffic from longer term keywords but had only made limited progress in Organic search over the past few years. Technically the setup of the site was sound but it was clear that the opportunity to make major gains in search were connected to building the sites online authority through content marketing. With the aim of earning maximum coverage, evolved generated a number of quality content pieces and pushed them out to sites both in the auto industry and to other connected interest groups.

Content came in the form of rich content, user-generated pieces and PR campaigns. This ensured that we ticked as many boxes as possible whilst ensuring a measurable ROI throughout the campaign. The campaign remained completely within the Google Guidelines, we did not once look to buy coverage or links. Users loved the content, the target audience loved it and naturally, Google loved it too!

To throw in a couple of curve balls, Select Car Leasing went through a full rebrand in January 2016. With this came a new site, new page structure and a domain name change from to With Evolved digital’s help, Select Car Leasing managed the tricky transition of the site with Google ensuring that they retained  their rankings despite the site changes and the move on to the new domain.


The Results

Over a 12 month period, Evolved Digital acquired over 270 new linking domains for the site, including coverage on sites such as Business Insider, Gizmodo and some of the largest auto blogs in the community. The impact of this on their organic visibility has been huge, as shown by the Search Metrics graphs below.

Old Domain
old domain
New Domain

new domain

Keyword Rankings








In the space of 12 months, the site has gone from having the 7th most organic visibility in the industry to number 1, overtaking hippo leasing in Mid-June 2016.

Top Level Traffic Stats Over 12 Months

• Organic Traffic up 464% Year On Year
• Organic enquiries up 231% Year on Year

The performance of this campaign has been a major contributor to the company’s wider growth. The company has gone from 35 employees to 68 in the last 12 months and is continuing to recruit. Both companies are invested in an ongoing longer-term relationship, with the view of becoming the dominating player in the space over the coming years and ultimately setting the bar for SEO and content marketing within the vehicle leasing industry.


Mark Tongue“The SEO campaign has delivered phenomenal results and played a major role in accelerating the growth of our business.   We’ve effectively come from nowhere on the large generic keywords in our industry and we’re now ahead of all of our competitors and continuing to grow”.
– Mark Tongue – Director

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