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Serving customers through the site and direct through their headquarters in Gateshead, Revolution offer parts and modifications for a wide range of vehicles. Started in 2007, the company has grown its online business offering UK wide delivery and fitting of premium alloy wheels and custom components.


Online Performance

Over the past 2 years Revolution had found that their online traffic through organic search had plateaued. With increasing online competition, especially in the alloy wheels sector the company wanted to look at quick wins that could improve the sites return on search. The company had invested in SEO many years ago, but in terms of visibility they had found they were lagging behind competitors who in some cases had much larger link profiles and resources to invest in search marketing. Below is a comparison of Revolutions organic search visibility against 2 prominent competitors over a two year period prior at the start of the project. Visibility shows the sites ranking performance aggregated across a wide range of target keywords:


Revolution Historic Visibility Performance


Our Solution

Following a top level review of the site, Evolved quickly identified that there were a number of areas where there was potential to implement changes to the technical setup which would drive quick wins. We were commissioned to carry out an in depth SEO site audit to explore the scope for these changes and make recommendations on how this could be achieved.

At the core of our recommendations was reviewing the site’s architecture and identifying missed opportunities in the existing site structure to target mid to long tail phrases which were considerably less competitive. These specific phrases have a high value, as the user is generally further down the buying funnel and more likely to convert to sale.

Following this initial piece of work, Evolved then worked alongside Revolution’s development agency to provide support on the roll-out of these recommendations. Part of this involved consulting on recommendations to provide “next best” solutions where the technical limitations of the sites CMS meant that the idea fix could not be practically applied.


The Results

Following completion of the recommendations in early March 2014. The development changes were rolled out during this month and April. The impact of these changes was very quickly seen in terms of search figures with traffic rising by 43% year on year in the first month.
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